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While the roots of our company were founded in the liability management arena, thanks to Pat Gallagher, my interests have always been specifically in training, especially supervisory, leadership and management training. While I worked with Pat to assist in developing some of his many liability management products, he was always the creative genius behind those efforts. My focus was primarily in the development and providing of current state of the art leadership/management programs using The Seven Layers of Success© to compliment many of Pat Gallagher’s liability efforts.

Over a period of nearly 40 years, it has become apparent that there are certain skill sets and a certain knowledge base that a first-line supervisor needs, the full foundation of knowledge skills and abilities cannot not be delivered in a forty-hour seminar.  With that in mind, The Gallagher-Westfall Group have redesigned the first-line and mid-management seminars into what is referred to as Leadership, Management and Mastering Performance Management Phase I, II, III & IV a Supervisory – Mid Management Seminar.  The sessions are taught in 2-day to 3.5-day formats and are designed to give first-line supervisor knowledge and skills that they will need as a supervisor coupled with skills to implement this knowledge well into their mid-management career. 

For instance, the Phase IV portion has a component on the first line supervisor’s responsibilities in the implementation of policy and procedure and while it does not make a policy writer of those in attendance, it gives them tools to evaluate whether policy and procedure are well written and can be properly trained to.  As the supervisor takes on mid-management responsibilities, the foundation laid in the four phases allows them to pursue shorter, additional in-service seminars that would actually prepare them to write policy and procedure.  The same can be said of performance plans or evaluations; the Phase II session will prepare them to understand their role in providing a properly written performance plan which could later be supplemented with an in-service session on writing the performance plan as well as coaching skills. 

Pat Gallagher still teaches and consults in the liability realm and those services can be accessed through Pat and the many professionals with whom we network. We will from time to time provide one day in-service sessions for conferences, there is a time and place for those, but GWG of Indiana focuses primarily on training and training to all four phases of the LMPM I-IV series for we believe and have seen the impact that these sessions can have on organizational culture and performance improvement.