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We have learned over the years that a number of attendees would ask for resources that we have referenced in class.  It would sometimes be an article, reference to a particular book or possibly developing an agency challenge coin, thus, the reason for this page.

There are a number of resources on this page that may be on interest to you. Two of significance are The Supervisory Field Manual Check List© and Roll Call Wisdom©. The Supervisory Field manual Check List© is in word and it while must be edited to be used by an individual agency to have fir to their specific procedures it becomes a check list for crucial high frequency/low frequency/high severity procedures that an individual officer must “own.” The checklist can be used as a task list training guide, before an event, during an event and after an event to debrief and possibly revise. It is provided at no cost, we would simply ask that you respect the copy write and provide a notation of the source.

The Roll Call Wisdom section is made up of a number of vignettes created by myself and Chief Harry Dolan (Ret) that can be utilized at roll call or during training sessions.  They are leadership lessons compiled over the years through experience and teaching and are provided at no cost to any and all who might be interested.  Chief Dolan and I have had a number of conversations over the years about the many people who we admired that contributed to our understanding of the profession.  Many of those people are referenced within these sessions through stories that hopefully still resonate with this generation although they are cited by village elders (That’s elders, not idiots.) of years past. Again, please feel free to utilize The Roll Call Wisdom pieces as you see fit, we would simply ask you respect the copyright and reference the source.

Thank you,
Bill Westfall