G. Patrick Gallagher

William S. Westfall

Vision, Values, Mission


The Gallagher-Westfall Group, Inc. is a professional group of public safety practitioners who focus on innovative, pro-active means of liability reduction and loss prevention while increasing the effectiveness of law enforcement, corrections, fire fighter and emergency services personnel. Their simple theory is that an organization that is properly led, managed and supervised will ultimately create a healthy work environment that leads to more professional, service-oriented personnel that will ultimately reduce liability and risk.

The Gallagher Westfall Group was created on behalf for practitioners. The GWG’s pioneering Six Layers of Success© training programs, risk assessments, liability reviews and defense case preparations have been the standard in the law enforcement, insurance and loss prevention profession for more than two decades. Previous approaches failed because they were reactive and focused on what not to do. Conversely, the Six Layers of Success© is an action-oriented process that has proven to be universally successful. Properly implemented and followed, it simply works.

This pro-active approach by the principals of GWG has been provided to hundreds of agencies and thousands of practitioners in all fifty states. Their work has saved untold thousands of hard earned public dollars that could be better spent in the public sector for continued improvement rather than in the defense of costly civil suits.

GWG’s hallmark has been innovative, timely services in a fast changing and litigious world. We believe what we do makes a difference. We have never advertised, depending solely on “One person telling another.” Client satisfaction, innovative pro-active, client-driven programs provided by exceptional practitioners with long career histories of success are the trademark values that have driven GWG and continue to drive our work each day.