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The Emerson Society Summit is a meeting of friends and colleagues in an informal environment with the intent of sharing interests and passion for learning and teaching within the public safety disciplines.

Emerson, a 19th Century philosopher, poet, essayist and lecturer known for a deep intellect and captivating speaking style, when greeting a respected friend and colleague would often ask, “What has become clear to you since the last time we met.”  This often led to the sharing of a new thought, book or encouraged progressive thought among contemporaries like Thoreau with the hope of bettering humankind. Our purpose is the same; to meet in an informal environment and share new thoughts and experiences that may find fertile soil with the hope of benefiting each participant to better their efforts within their respective endeavors. The primary purpose of the Emerson is to network and mentor. The Emerson is by invitation only and has no formal membership, rules or dues.  There are simply two requirements: 1) By invitation only; 2) All rank, titles and egos must be left at the door.

This time together is intentionally to be unstructured allowing us to have the casual but focused discussions that are often difficult to have when we are so directly involved in our work.  Those invited are encouraged to come with an update of your own work related to projects in which you are currently involved, noted trends within your respective field and business as well as concerns. The group while having some similar background have very broad interests and have been purposely invited for that reason.  It gives us the opportunity to introduce likeminded people across generations to one another so that they may share. We realize the short time together may allow for problem identification but most likely not problem solving.

The invitation “only” is not meant to appear aloof or elitist but to allow the group, who sometimes meet as strangers, to know that any attendee has been vetted and recommended by a peer which allows immediate and free discussion in the limited but valuable time. We are always looking for new ideas and new talents and will consider extending an invitation to anyone within the public safety field that we feel would contribute to the group and their respective professions.

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