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Performance Leadership © is a comprehensive, dynamic, and integrated system for developing organizations, teams, and individuals to achieve higher levels of collaboration while improving the relationships of its members. It is a strategic system for leaders to help people maximize their performance by aligning personal and organizational goals while creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, and creativity.
Performance Leadership capitalizes on the collaborative energy sources, skills, values, and belief systems of its employees in support of organizational mission, visions, values, and goals. Individuals and organizations who embrace the Performance Leadership system, develop a leadership workforce who work interdependently and collaboratively with one another. Collaborative thinking results in an increased sense of ownership and personal responsibility for the organizations success.
The various leader-follower levels challenge individuals to become self aware and examine how their actions and behaviors interact with others. It encourages personal and professional growth on a continuum of constant self-reflection. The levels challenge leaders to inspire greater achievement in their people by sharing their own knowledge and providing key experiences so their people may cultivate the wisdom to succeed independent of the leader.
Because the Q6 Performance Leadership Model © is designed to open up communications and understanding on all levels, it invites everyone to share in the enriching experience of becoming the best of all who develops his or her people.