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Leadership: Caring For The Organizational Spirit
Captain Donald D. Brooks exited the Marine Corps helicopter that had ferried him from headquarters, Chu Lai, to a sun soaked hill just east of a group of villages in Vietnam known as Tan Hy. As he did so he looked into the faces of nearly 150 Marines grouped to welcome him as their new commander. They were not particularly happy faces. They were the faces of a group that had been subjected for the past six months to the petty tirades of a company commander who was more concerned about his barracks reputation than he was the safety, welfare and morale of his charges.

The Myth of The Perfect Leader
We suffer the myth of the perfect leader. We are always looking for them in our next boss, movie idol, public figure, sport figure etc. Then we find out they are not perfect and we become disillusioned and sometimes bitter in our disappointment. President Kennedy was, for many of my generation, a remarkable and visionary leader that rejuvenated our sense of spirit and drive, asking what we might do for our country. We found inspiration in his words, his vision and his dreams. We watched him grow dramatically from the debacle at the Bay of Pigs to the Cuban missile crisis. But more often than not when mentioned today there is some reference to his well documented womanizing rather than his accomplishments during the brief time he was in office.

Ronin: The Reader, Writer, Thinker... Fighter - The Lesson of Aguda
Ask any young police officer what their primary role is and so many will reply, "I'm a crime fighter, I'm here to put the bad guy in jail." Many of us probably said the same thing when we were at that stage of our law enforcement careers. But in time, most of us realized that the "fighter" part of the job is only a small part of the police officer's role and, in time, wisdom teaches us that we prefer that confrontation be minimized, when possible.

Tribute To A Warrior
A tribute to Officer David Moore of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, February 1, 2011.


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