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Leadership and Mastering Performance Management,
A Supervisory Mid-Management Seminar: Phase IV
Leading the Organization

Certainly liability and the concern for managing liability have changed the complexion of law enforcement. Since the Monell decision in 1978 law enforcement has not been the same. Further, as much as we may discuss and yearn for the way things were, we cannot turn back. However, not all that has changed as a result of Monell has been destructive or detrimental. In fact, much good has come from the many changes that have taken place within law enforcement, government and the insurance industry. While you may presently be searching to find some of that good, part of our role in this seminar is to focus not on our frustrations, (many of which we have little or no control over) but instead on the positive aspects of managing and leading liability reduction over which we do have control. We have far greater control over this system of liability than most of us realize, and better tools to manage and lead than ever before.

This two-day program will utilize concepts about leadership that were introduced in Phase I, II and III.

The objectives that we will be addressing during the course of this seminar will be accomplished while focusing attention on increasing the effectiveness of the supervisor as a leader and manager.  These sessions are taught utilizing much of the current thought of adult education principals to accelerate learning.  They utilize multi-media resources to intensify the learning experience and color classroom peripherals and handouts to reinforce learning points. 

Bill Westfall, who instructs this seminar, has proven to be one of the most acclaimed and requested law enforcement leadership instructors in the United States today.  One who appreciates the lessons of history, Bill has the ability to see trends that will effect the future and is able to describe the evolution of society and the public safety profession, relating back to the fundamental values of leadership that assist organizations and people to reach their full potential.

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