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Leadership and Mastering Performance Management,
A Supervisory Mid-Management Seminar: Phase II
Leading Others

Finding appropriate, useful supervisory and mid-management training that truly impacts the competency, commitment and attitude and feelings of supervisors in the law enforcement arena is not easily done. This session focuses on the first line supervisor and mid-manager, to do just that. For all the complexity of what we do, two of the most critical leadership skills are those dealing with relationships and productivity of our teams. This seminar will identify how critical these two variables are to good leadership and then will skill build them. Tools are provided that will assist the attendee to work more effectively as a developer with their people, both as individuals and as a team. Case studies and illustrations are included as part of the curriculum.

This twenty four-hour session has been developed over a twenty-year period of time by some of the better law enforcement instructors in the country incorporating content from Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II® Model. The instructor, Bill Westfall, has been qualified by the Ken Blanchard Companies to instruct this course using SL II® content specifically designed to be delivered to law enforcement personnel. Bill Westfall has proven to be one of the most acclaimed and requested law enforcement leadership instructors in the United States. It has been said that Bill Westfall addresses the topic of law enforcement leadership like nobody else can. One who appreciates the lessons of history, Bill has the ability to see trends that will affect the future and is able to describe the evolution of society and policing, relating everything back to the fundamental values of leadership that made the United States the “imperfect” but great country that it is.

These sessions are taught utilizing much of the current thought of adult education principals to accelerate learning. They include multi-media sources and color classroom peripherals and handouts to reinforce learning points. Learning objectives will be met through: lecture, discussion, individual and group activities, audio visual aids that will provide application of the concepts discussed, and communication and leadership style inventories.

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