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Leadership and Mastering Performance Management,
A Supervisory Mid-Management Seminar: Phase I
Leading One’s Self

This seminar draws on much of the work that had dramatically impacted on the subject of supervisory leadership in the last decade. This course is specifically designed to assist the supervisor to understand the application of today’s leadership and management literature in the world in which they work. Attendees will be introduced to the elements of leadership, the differences between leadership and management and how to develop them within their own supervisory role.

Beginning with an overview of the development of our knowledge of what leadership is, the participants will perform a self analysis to determine their present communication and leadership influences. This evaluation will point out their strengths and weaknesses as leaders and assist them in preparing a personal development plan. There will be an emphasis placed on the leader as communicator, trainer, developer of people, and their role as an extension of management. Attendees will better understand the need for communication and assessment skills and how to use them to assist themselves and their officers to better perform their roles.
Leadership and Mastering Performance Management Phase I seminar introduces The Leadership Test©, and the DISC® as teachable tools that will improve the skills and abilities of supervisors and managers to both manage and lead. There is an emphasis on defining the difference between leadership and management and identifying their separate skill sets.

These sessions are taught utilizing much of the current thought of adult education principals to accelerate learning. We utilize multi-media resources to intensify the learning experience and color classroom peripherals and handouts to reinforce learning points. There will be active class participation and application of the material presented. This session can greatly enhance the supervisor’s ability to properly lead given a variety of circumstances.

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